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Designed for measuring, analyzing and tuning the performance of Oracle ADF applications

  • The only Application Performance Management (APM) tool in the world that is specifically designed for Oracle ADF application performance
  • We’ve incorporated over ten years of Oracle ADF tuning experience in this toolset
  • Enables the developers in your organisation to tune applications themselves

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Fixing performance bottlenecks in the real world

Oracle ADF can turn into a Java developers’ nightmare when problems arise. Performance issues require you to  delve deep into the inner workings of this highlevel application development workbench, often on the brink of interaction with the database. And always beyond the comfort zone of regular Java developers. This is where the ADF Performance Monitor comes to the rescue.

  • Get real-time and historic overview of the performance.
  • Get visibility/insight in real end-user experience
  • Get visibility in which layer HTTP request process time is spent.
  • Detect bottlenecks, inefficiencies and typical bad practices during the whole lifecycle.
  • Make the ADF application more scalable
  • Get insight in what is happening inside the ADF application and in the ADF framework
  • Get insight in usage of ADF Business Components memory

What our users say

  • ADFPM is a great product that’s helped our group tremendously in improving the performance of our application.

    The ADF Performance Monitor is a great product that’s helped our group tremendously in improving the performance of our application. It has especially helped identify better practices and consistency in the way we code.
    Kenton Ho, President at Perfit – Computer Systems Group

  • The visual user interface of the Performance Monitor makes it easy for developers to spot performance bottlenecks

    The AMIS ADF Performance Monitor product is an excellent tool for collecting and aggregating fine    grained information about ADF application performance during development, testing and in   production. The visual user interface of the Performance Monitor makes it easy for developers to spot performance bottlenecks in the view, the controller and the business component layer.
    Frank Nimphius, Senior Principal Product Manager at Oracle

A powerful performance monitor

The advanced monitor analyses the behavior of Oracle ADF applications and automatically identifies the root causes of quality problems. It will provide monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and if needed, overviews per minute

Errors & faults

Get clear visibility and insight in the number, type and severity of errors that happen in a test or production environment. This is crucial to resolve them, and to make a stable ADF application that is less error-prone. The monitor shows error stacktraces in combination with ADF callstacks; this combination is unmissable to solve complex errors in a timely manner.

Network Time and Browser Load Time

Quickly resolve any network problems and long browser load times with end-to-end visibility. The dashboard is shows several overviews with the layer (database, webservice, application server, network/browser loadtime) where the process time is spent of your application. This is very useful to troubleshoot problems.

24/7 Performance Overview

The monitor shows real-time critical information about the ADF application’s performance: Wat is the end-user experience? Are response times within SLA boundaries – or well outside and is it seriously problematic?

JVM Memory & ADF BC Memory Analyzer

Troubleshoot JVM memory problems. The ADF Performance Monitor shows realtime and historic JVM heap usage and JVM garbage collection times. If garbage collections are running too long warning signs are shown – often an indication of a severe (structural) problem. Use the ADF Business Components Memory Analyzer to troubleshoot memory over-consumption.

Frequently asked questions

All configuration steps are well documented in the installation guide. The implementation takes less than 1 day, usually no more than a few hours.

The ADF Performance Monitor makes use of the standard Oracle ADFLogger and can be turned on and off at runtime at all times in the Enterprise Manager.

The ADF Performance Monitor can be implemented on all ADF10g, ADF11g and all ADF12c applications. Any Oracle 10g, 11g or 12c database (also the free XE) database can be used for the metrics database. If ADF BC is used, the use of ADF BC framework extension classes is required.

Yes. You can install the monitor with help of the installation guide but we highly recommend that we help you with the installation.

We can provide consulting and training on the ADF Performance Monitor, ADF performance tuning and ADF best practices (on location or online via webcast).