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During the last years we received the following reviews on the ADF Performance Monitor:

Frank Nimphius

Senior Principal Product Manager @ Oracle

“The AMIS ADF Performance Monitor product is an excellent tool for collecting and aggregating fine  grained information about ADF application performance during development, testing and in  production. The visual user interface of the Performance Monitor makes it easy for developers to spot performance bottlenecks in the view, the controller and the business component layer. But the tool not only does indicate bottlenecks, it also provides suggestions for what to change to considerably  improve ADF application performance. Trying the AMIS Performance Tool, you can clearly tell the expertise, heart-blood and years of development that went into this product.”

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"The ADF Performance Monitor is used for many LIVE customers in production. This makes it much more convenient to focus on the real problems, and clearly report to the customer why we focus on certain matters. You can safely say that you can win a lot of time in 50-60% time savings for researching performance-related issues, 5-10% time savings by incorporating extra quality checks in development, great time gain during steering committees to keep the subjectivity out of discussions"

Large Social Media Site

“We needed to troubleshoot many ADF performance problems. After a long selection period we chose the ADF Performance Monitor - because it fits our needs the best. We use it every day for all our ADF applications to monitor the performance in production. We have solved many issues related to the ADF code, slow queries, and even slow network. We like the detailed metrics of the ADF Performance Monitor that gives us insight and visibility - and suggestions to solve typical ADF problems.”

Barman Hanssen AS

“We are very pleased with the ADF Performance Monitor - it has helped us a lot. When we started exploring the ADF Performance Monitor, it revealed many poor running SQL queries. If customers contact us to report performance problems, we start looking in the ADF Performance Monitor to find the root cause. When found, it can be solved! The ADF Performance Monitor makes us more efficient in our work, which benefits both us and our customers.”


“As an ADF Developer with more than 5 years’ experience, and more than 5 years’ experience with ADF Business Components, quite frequently there are still times when you cannot pinpoint why an application is not working properly or slow. At such times you would like to know precisely what is happening behind the scenes in order to get insight into the ADF internals."


“While developing our application, we used the ADF Performance Monitor from the start on. In the ADF framework, it is not always clear what actions exactly are performed during a request. The ADF Performance Monitor gives us an excellent insight. Already during the development of our application it shows us performance bottlenecks that we can resolve immediately."

Dutch Ministry of Justice

“The ADF Performance Monitor is for us interesting during application development. But for us it is even more interesting during the implementation/production phase. We use it as a real-time dashboard that shows how much load the application puts on our system. We can even drill down to the level of an individual user."

IKB Bank

"Our main use of the ADF Performance Monitor is an analysis of production errors and performance issues. Mostly of them we couldn’t foresee; how the end-user is really using our system. Our developers use the monitor also in our development environment, starting with reproducing the production issues."


“ADFPM is a great product that’s helped our group tremendously in improving the performance of our application. It has especially helped identify better practices and consistency in the way we code.”


"We use the ADF Performance Monitor intensively at our development environment in JDevelopers console log to fix problems already during development. With the monitor we have detected many slow queries and many multiple redundant ADF ViewObject query executions. We monitor some our most important customers on production to find out if we meet our SLA that we must meet."

Chaîne Thermale

“Thanks to the ADF Performance Monitor we have achieved a great performance improvement. We have already reduced the total average general response times with one third! And we are still busy bringing down the response times with help of the monitor. The service by Frank was also excellent. We couldn’t find any other product that gives us so much insight in what happens in an ADF application.”

Impulse Info Systems

“We are using the ADF Performance Monitor now for a couple of years and it’s very helpful for us. It’s a very powerful tool to detect and analyse performance problems and it provides detailed information to investigate and solve problems. We use the tool during development to prevent bad performant software. We are also using it in production environments to proactive detect improvements and for zoom into historical data for analyzing a reported problem.”

Capital Banking Solutions

“The ADF Performance monitor is an essential tool used in order to enhance performance and detect bottlenecks in our production environments. The way it was designed, it can help you drill down into ADF lifecycle better than any other performance tool that monitors the JVM. Real time report and a microseconds difference is the competence you need. If you develop with ADF then you need ADF Performance Monitor.”

Ministry of ManPower

"The ADF Performance Monitor is an excellent performance monitor; every ADF project should have it! We implemented an ADF application that serves 40.000 students in Oman - and we did experience quite severe performance problems at peek times. With the tool (and Frank on location) we detected and resolved quite a number of weak spots in our application. The ADF Performance Monitor is an incredible help; I highly recommend it to any ADF project."


"We have implemented the ADF Performance Monitor on the Java apps deployed on our tomcat servers. Thanks to this tool we can act proactive so our performance and up-time experience increased dramatically."


“Great tool to monitor and optimize the performance of ADF applications. With the level of detail reached by the metrics, it was possible to observe implementation errors that are difficult to see even for experienced developers. The analysis of possible solutions and examples of implementation are a feature of great value. It is a tool of easy understanding and use since the graphics are very representative and the way of navigating between screens is very intuitive.”

City of Amsterdam

“We had urgent performance problems, a few weeks before our application went into production the response time of a few important screens was more than 10 seconds while it should had been less than 3 seconds. We couldn’t pinpoint the exact location that caused the performance problems. With the ADF Performance Monitor we were able to detect the bottlenecks."

Wing Leading Edge

“I had very good experiences with the product. Especially the ADF callstack details and warnings gave me visibility what is happening in our application. The monitor runs very smoothly in the background, sending lots of data in the database without affecting the user experience.I like that I can see the all complete user click history and historic performance metrics. The ADF Performance Monitor was a big help - we resolved many problems. I recommend it to every ADF project.”