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About the ADF Performance Monitor

The first version of the ADF Performance Monitor was created by Frank Houweling and released in 2009. This was first an ADF 10g version; this version consisted of printing performance metrics in JDevelopers console log only (what methods, operations and queries were executed, when and how often). The urgent need of performance visibility came back every time in somewhat all Oracle ADF projects; nearly all ADF applications had performance problems in some way and extreme difficulty in identifying these bottlenecks.

One year later (2010) the second version was released including saving metrics to the database. In 2011 a dashboard application was added that visually reported the performance metrics saved in the database. Last years the monitor has been extensively improved and extended with many new and advanced features.

Over last ten years the ADF Performance Monitor has been implemented in more than 500 Oracle ADF business production applications – in more than 50 countries in the world; for example in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Canada, United States, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, Poland, Libanon, Sultanate of Oman, India, China, Australia, Israel, Mexico, South-Africa, Norway, e.g.


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Frank Houweling

Frank Houweling is a principal performance management consultant, focused at Oracle ADF and Java (The Netherlands). He has already been working with Oracle ADF since 2005. He has in depth knowledge of the ADF framework and Java in general and his help has been a lot of times invaluable in solving complex performance problems. During the past years he has been requested several times – internationally – as troubleshooter of ADF/Java projects with performance problems. He is also the brain behind the ADF Performance Monitor. He has presented frequently on the Oracle Open World, the UKOUG, the ODTUG KScope and other conferences onĀ  performance management topics.