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Benefits for Developers

  • Improves the performance and response times of the application with 25% to 75% – already during development with the integrated metrics in JDeveloper
  • A unique feature that no other performance tool in the world has: the ADF callstack or snapshot. Know exactly what is happening behind the scenes in the ADF internals: what methods, operations and queries are executed, when and how often.
  • Very specific warnings and improvement suggestions on the ADF application source code. Use the tool daily for quality control and identify best practices and consistency in the way the code is written.
  • In various overviews the worst performing parts of the ADF Business Components ,webservices and ADF Model layer are indicated.
  • To prevent memory over-consumption (often a pain-point in ADF applications) the ADF BC Memory Analyzer to analyse memory

Benefits for Managers

  • Find out if the SLA contract is met for most important customers. Set up thresholds that warn you on time if your SLA contract is not met
  • 20-25% time and cost reduction for any ADF application in production. The ADF Performance Monitor saves time as it drills down to the problem areas. Developers can make the ADF application far more scalable (optimal utilization of infrastructure, hardware and licenses)
  • Save 50% of the work that most specialists need to investigate and find problems. It’s offers a simple and fast way to monitor, diagnose, and resolve application problems before they affect revenue
  • Various overviews of the performance by end-user or organisation. Find out the worst performance by end-user or the worst performance by organisation
  • Trend Analysis; analyse the performance of the current day, the previous days, previous weeks and months. Find out the impact of current or previous releases

Benefits for Administrators

  • 24/7 Performance Overview to monitor pro-actively. The monitor shows real-time critical information about the ADF application’s performance.
  • Save 50% -90% time investigating typical production problems and errors of ADF applications
  • Get complete end-to-end insight and visibility where the time is spent (database, webservices, application server, network, browser load time)
  • See the complete click-history of all individual end-user sessions. Look back in time and relate problems of complaining end-users five to ten times faster
  • Errors/Faults overview: insight in the number, type and severity of errors that happen in a production environment