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Henri Peters – Project Manager Spir-it

“The ADF Performance Monitor is for us interesting during application development. But for us it is even more interesting during the implementation/production phase. We use it as a real-time dashboard that shows how much load the application puts on our system. We can even drill down to the level of an individual user. Sometimes we go so far that we proactively approach end-users: before they complain we already have contacted them. For Spir-it is of great value that we can continuously identify the weakest link, even if there is no actual performance problem (yet).”

The AMIS ADF Performance Monitor not only affects systems. Henri Peters: “Users are right when they are concerned with the introduction of new information systems. When we showed the real- time performance dashboard of the monitor, they understood that we cannot always avoid performance problems, but are able to resolve problems quickly when they arise. This has resulted in a lot of support of customers that had to implement the new ADF application.”

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