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End-user experience

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Errors/Faults Overview

Insight in the number, type and severity of errors that happen in a test or production environment is crucial to resolve them, and to make a stable ADF application that is less error-prone. Application errors (and their...

HTTP Request Metrics

The monitor retrieves all HTTP requests down to the smallest details for further analysis; Http Response Time, Time spent in Network/Browser Load Time, Process time by Applicationserver, Time spent in database time...

Performance by Click Action

A Click action is the actions that users have taken within the UI. This mostly relates to physical clicks on ADF Faces components such as buttons and tabs, but it also reports scrolling events, table and graph draws and...

End-User Metrics

There are several overviews of summarized end-user metrics. For example worst performance by user, top users by requests, and number of errors by users.

Filter on User ID

In case specific end-users are complaining about today’s or yesterday’s performance, the monitor helps to quickly troubleshoot. With the monitor you can filter all requests and its details on a specific end-user ID...