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Geplaatst: 1 October 2016

European Commission


“We have solved many of our performance problems with the ADF Performance Monitor. It is an excellent product to monitor ADF applications and ADF internals on production.”

Geplaatst: 1 May 2016

Dutch Public Prosecution Service

ADF Developer

“The ADF Performance Monitor is a lifesaver; it has detected the production problem we had; memory over-consumption. Only under certain circumstances. Servers even went down because of this. Frank helped us to solve these problems”


Geplaatst: 7 December 2015

City of Amsterdam

Software Developer – Tax Office City of Amsterdam

“We had urgent performance problems, a few weeks before our application went into production the response time of a few important screens was more than 10 seconds while it should had been less than 3 seconds. We couldn’t pinpoint the exact location that caused the performance problems. With the ADF Performance Monitor we were able to detect the bottlenecks and we got insight into our application. With this information we have tuned inefficient database queries executed and changed the structure of the ADF application. We solved our performance problems and ended up with response times of less than 2 seconds.”