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Geplaatst: 7 December 2017


Matthieu de Graaf – Architect

“While developing our application, we used the ADF Performance Monitor from the start on. In the ADF framework, it is not always clear what actions exactly are performed during a request. The ADF Performance Monitor gives us an excellent insight. Already during the development of our application it shows us performance bottlenecks that we can resolve immediately. Additionally, we use the ADF Performance Monitor during the test phase. On a regular basis, we watch the ADF Dashboards that highlight performance issues, which we have not discovered during the development phase. Additionally, the ADF Performance Monitor logs all errors that have occurred during the test phase, even those that are not reported by our testers. The ADF Performance Monitor is for us a very valuable tool to create a high-quality and performing ADF application.”


Geplaatst: 6 December 2017


Kenton Ho – President at Perfict Computer Systems Group

“ADFPM is a great product that’s helped our group tremendously in improving the performance of our application. It has especially helped identify better practices and consistency in the way we code.”


Geplaatst: 9 August 2017

Chaîne Thermale

Mirjam Reinhard – Architect Chaîne Thermale

“Thanks to the ADF Performance Monitor we have achieved a great performance improvement. We have already reduced the total average general response times with one third! And we are still busy bringing down the response times with help of the monitor. The service by Frank was also excellent. We couldn’t find any other product that gives us so much insight in what happens in an ADF application.”


Geplaatst: 16 May 2016


Wim Brinkmann – DBA

“We have implemented the ADF Performance Monitor on the Java apps deployed on our tomcat servers. Thanks to this tool we can act proactive so our performance and up-time experience increased dramatically.”

Geplaatst: 1 April 2016


“We use the ADF Performance Monitor in production for daily evaluation. We are very happy with the tool, it gives us valuable insights on the performance. We can now quickly troubleshoot problems.”

Geplaatst: 1 October 2015



“Frank helped us with the tool to troubleshoot our severe performance problems. We limited the number of database rows loaded into the application, and the number of columns in several screens. Frank was a great help!”

Geplaatst: 13 March 2015

Wing Leading Edge

Bogdan Dancu – Technical architect & Head of Development WLE

“I had very good experiences with the product. Especially the ADF callstack details and warnings gave me visibility what is happening in our application. The monitor runs very smoothly in the background, sending lots of data in the database without affecting the user experience. I like that I can see the all complete user click history and historic performance metrics. The ADF Performance Monitor was a big help – we resolved many problems. I recommend it to every ADF project.”


Geplaatst: 1 January 2015



“We had severe memory problems. With the ADF Performance Monitor we were able to pinpoint precisely which ADF ViewObjects were responsible and were wasting the server memory.”