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Geplaatst: 8 June 2022

Road Runner Sports


Dan Kelly – CIO

“The ADF Performance Monitor is amazing! We recently launched our first ADF application and needed to resolve several issues affecting stability and performance. The ADFPM provided the visibility needed to pinpoint and with Franks guidance we were able to quickly resolve a wide variety of problems. The tool is intuitive to use, and insights provided are very robust. I highly recommend!”


Geplaatst: 7 December 2017


Steven Janssens – Software Development Manager

“As an ADF Developer with more than 5 years’ experience, and more than 5 years’ experience with ADF Business Components, quite frequently there are still times when you cannot pinpoint why an application is not working properly or slow. At such times you would like to know precisely what is happening behind the scenes in order to get insight into the ADF internals. The ADF Performance Monitor is the instrument of choice. Now I use the ADF Performance Monitor daily as an additional quality control during development. Also, when we are performing load tests we use the ADF Performance Monitor to identify any performance problems.”

Geplaatst: 6 December 2017

IKB Bank

Torsten Kleiber- architect

“The central loan-application of our bank will be replaced and newly developed with Oracle ADF. Our main use of the ADF Performance Monitor is an analysis of production errors and performance issues. Mostly of them we couldn’t foresee; how the end-user is really using our system. Our developers use the monitor also in our development environment, starting with reproducing the production issues. A very good feature in the monitor are the hints for best practices based on the ADF community. We have identified and solved some architecture problems. The ADF Performance Monitor is a big help to get stable applications.”


Geplaatst: 6 April 2016


Carlos Lopez – Operational Director

“Great tool to monitor and optimize the performance of ADF applications, only in the use of the trial version could observe the advantages of the analysis that this application does in a product. With the level of detail reached by the metrics, it was possible to observe implementation errors that are difficult to see even for experienced developers.
The analysis presented in each finding and the documentation that it provides as backup, allow a development company to improve its implementation practices and revisions. The analysis of possible solutions and examples of implementation are a feature of great value. It is a tool of easy understanding and use since the graphics are very representative and the way of navigating between screens is very intuitive. The tool optimizes both the time in the detection of bugs, and the administration and distribution of HW resources.”


Geplaatst: 1 March 2016



“We use the ADF Performance Monitor on our development and test servers to detect slow queries and inefficiencies. I recommended the product for any ADF application.”