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"The ADF Performance Monitor is used for many LIVE customers in production. This makes it much more convenient to focus on the real problems, and clearly report to the customer why we focus on certain matters. You can safely say that you can win a lot of time in 50-60% time savings for researching performance-related issues, 5-10% time savings by incorporating extra quality checks in development, great time gain during steering committees to keep the subjectivity out of discussions"


“As an ADF Developer with more than 5 years’ experience, and more than 5 years’ experience with ADF Business Components, quite frequently there are still times when you cannot pinpoint why an application is not working properly or slow. At such times you would like to know precisely what is happening behind the scenes in order to get insight into the ADF internals."

European Commission

“We have solved many of our performance problems with the ADF Performance Monitor. It is an excellent product to monitor ADF applications and ADF internals on production.”