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The Netherlands

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Road Runner Sports

"The ADF Performance Monitor is amazing! We recently launched our first ADF application and needed to resolve several issues affecting stability and performance. The ADFPM provided the visibility needed to pinpoint and with Franks guidance we were able to quickly resolve a wide variety of problems. The tool is intuitive to use, and insights provided are very robust. I highly recommend!"


“While developing our application, we used the ADF Performance Monitor from the start on. In the ADF framework, it is not always clear what actions exactly are performed during a request. The ADF Performance Monitor gives us an excellent insight. Already during the development of our application it shows us performance bottlenecks that we can resolve immediately."

Dutch Ministry of Justice

“The ADF Performance Monitor is for us interesting during application development. But for us it is even more interesting during the implementation/production phase. We use it as a real-time dashboard that shows how much load the application puts on our system. We can even drill down to the level of an individual user."


"We use the ADF Performance Monitor intensively at our development environment in JDevelopers console log to fix problems already during development. With the monitor we have detected many slow queries and many multiple redundant ADF ViewObject query executions. We monitor some our most important customers on production to find out if we meet our SLA that we must meet."

Impulse Info Systems

“We are using the ADF Performance Monitor now for a couple of years and it’s very helpful for us. It’s a very powerful tool to detect and analyse performance problems and it provides detailed information to investigate and solve problems. We use the tool during development to prevent bad performant software. We are also using it in production environments to proactive detect improvements and for zoom into historical data for analyzing a reported problem.”


"We have implemented the ADF Performance Monitor on the Java apps deployed on our tomcat servers. Thanks to this tool we can act proactive so our performance and up-time experience increased dramatically."

Dutch Public Prosecution Service

“The ADF Performance Monitor is a lifesaver; it has detected the production problem we had; memory over-consumption. Only under certain circumstances. Servers even went down because of this. Frank helped us to solve these problems”

City of Amsterdam

“We had urgent performance problems, a few weeks before our application went into production the response time of a few important screens was more than 10 seconds while it should had been less than 3 seconds. We couldn’t pinpoint the exact location that caused the performance problems. With the ADF Performance Monitor we were able to detect the bottlenecks."


“Frank helped us with the tool to troubleshoot our severe performance problems. We limited the number of database rows loaded into the application, and the number of columns in several screens. Frank was a great help!”


“We had severe memory problems. With the ADF Performance Monitor we were able to pinpoint precisely which ADF ViewObjects were responsible and were wasting the server memory.”