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ADF BC performance

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Troubleshoot Slow ViewObject Query

A threshold can be set to log ViewObject SQL queries and their complete runtime statement including applied ViewCriterias and bind parameter values. Analyze slow queries and problems executed against the database.

Warnings and suggested solutions

During the whole application lifecycle, QA teams can make sure problems are found and dealt with. They can routinely check to ensure the application meets the desired quality. In the callstacks clickable warnings signs...

Worst ADF BC and ADF Model layer executions

In various overviews the worst performing parts of the ADF Business Components and ADF Model layer are indicated. Bottlenecks and the weakest chains are shown here. For example example the ADF BC overview it shows very...

ApplicationModule Pooling Performance

It is important to choose the right combination of ApplicationModule pooling parameter values to make the application scalable. This overview gives insight in the effect of these parameter values (how often passivations...

Total Execution Time of Worst Performing Executions

The performance impact of frequent invoked executions can be much higher than executions that occur only a few times but are very slow on average. There are additional overviews for the total execution time.

ADF Business Components Memory Analyzer

Like other web applications, ADF applications potentially use a lot of memory. To prevent memory over-consumption (often a pain-point in ADF applications) the ADF BC Memory Analyzer detects how many database rows are...

Use in JDeveloper during Development

The ADF callstacks can be printed in JDeveloper during development. This enables developers to diagnose and solve performance problems at an early stage and to build an efficient, responsive ADF application before it...