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Geplaatst: 15 July 2020

Major New Version 9.0 (Part 2)

Last week I blogged in part 1 on our major new version of the ADF Performance Monitor – version 9.0. It was about monitoring the CPU load of the JVM process and of the whole underlying operating system. It was also about the total used and free physical (RAM) memory of the whole system, and the Linux load averages that provides an excellent view on the system load.

This blog (part 2) describes more new features. The CPU execution time of individual HTTP requests and click actions is now available. “What request/click action in the application is responsible for burning that CPU ? ” That question you can now answer with the monitor. The monitor gives a clear indication how expensive certain HTTP requests and click actions are in terms of CPU cost. Further we added browser (user-agent) metrics for each request. We also improved the ADF callstacks (snapshot that gives visibility into which ADF method caused other methods to execute, organized by the sequence of their execution and execution times).
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